Multi-Platform ?

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Tue Mar 14 04:47:59 EST 2006

Hi from Paris,

After buying DreamCard just a few months ago,
(just before they discontinued the product !),
I was amazed at the speed at which I could
convert my Hypercard Stacks to DreamCard.
It was a pleasure to discover the 1001 useful
improvements. My stacks were up and running
on the Mac within days, and I can honestly say
that some of my scripts are pretty hefty. I spent more
than ten years with HyperCard, developing my own
little world, and I now WANT it in DreamCard. Of course,
I had the classical problems of trying to find what
DreamCard function replaced the XFCN and XCMD
goodies from Rinaldi & Co., but it was fun, and it forced
me to read the documentation !

Then I started to move my stacks to the PC, running under
the Oh so impermeable "Stack Runner", and then .... the
glitter wore off somewhat.

Result : Some functions DON'T, some button scripts
DON'T, some fields have the wrong fonts , or the wrong
font size or fontheight, etc.  And of course, on the PC
I see absolutely nothing about what is wrong.

So I go from Mac to PC, painstakingly adding :

      answer "So far - so good !"

commands to my scripts, and displaying intermediate
results in new fields on my cards, to see what I was
doing wrong - because obviously, I was doing SOMETHING
wrong ! As an example, It took me a week to find the
incorrect use of the "not equal" sign on the PC (OK, so
it WAS noted in the doc, and it WAS my fault !)

I have finally come to the conclusion that the only
mistake I made was NOT to have bought the PC
version of DreamCard at the same time !

Unfortunately - now it's too late !

I learned a lot in the last month, and have come
up with 3 decisions and 2 questions.

Decision 1 - I love DreamCard - it's GREAT !
Decision 2 - I don't want to pay £199 (or more)
Decision 3 - I don't want version 2.7

Question 1 - Having bought DreamCard on one
platform, why can't we have the option to buy the
other (PC) platform development DreamCard (at
some cut-price rate), to iron out the platform problems ?

Question 2 - Is there ANY way I can legally buy DreamCard
2.6.1 for PC (from anybody !), so I can get my stacks up
and running on my PC with no sweat ?

This is a call to anybody who bought DreamCard 2.6.1
for PC, and has decided not to use it any more !

- Francis

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