Add your app to login items (Mac)

sims sims at
Mon Mar 13 09:43:40 EST 2006

At 3:23 PM +0100 3/13/06, Paul Claude wrote:
>There is a way to do a script that may add or delete your app to Mac "Login
>Items" (to auto run your app at Mac startup)?
>I know that you could read/write the loginwindow.plist, but there is a more
>simple way? I don't like to adopt and study complex XML libraries only for
>this target.

  Applescript  (watch the word wrap so you get the path right):

tell application "System Events"
	get exists login item "MyCoolProgram"
	if result is false then
		make new login item at end of login items with 
properties {path:"/Applications/", hidden:true, 
kind:application, name:"MyCoolProgram"}
	end if
end tell


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