[ANN] ImageData Gallery

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Sat Mar 11 19:22:01 EST 2006

I have uploaded a series of images created with the "ImageData Toolkit", 
which is a modified version of my "Colorpattern Toolkit" 

Thanks to the information provided by Ken Ray about "imagedata" on his 
website (<http://www.sonsothunder.com>) I was able to start my quest of 
the intricacies of this special way to create and manipulate images, 
which I had not paid much attention to before. I think such information 
as offered by Ken should be linked in some way to the Rev documentation. 
The information about imagedata in the documentation alone would not 
have been sufficient to get me going.

I have already rewritten about two-thirds of the 200 algorithms of the 
Colorpattern Toolkit, but because of other time-consuming tasks I will 
not be able to offer the new ImageData Toolkit before the beginning of May.

The Toolkit now uses 640 X 480 images as the basis, which means that 
1.228.000 chars of the imagedata for such a size have to be handled as 
each pixel of the imagedata is represented by 4 chars, but compared to 
dealing with the 160 X 120 char resolution of the color field of the 
Colorpattern Toolkit, the speed for imagedata handling is in many cases 
even faster - probably due to the binary nature of the imagedata - 
whereas other special algorithms run at best at a "tolerable" speed.

The Imagedata Toolkit will provide the option to import photos as a 
basis for image manipulation. Experimenting with imagedata I came across 
a number of new solutions for scripting functions, which I will also use 
to improve my present Colorpattern Toolkit.


Wilhelm Sanke

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