Thousands Separator on OSX

Flavel Steve stevef at
Sat Mar 11 16:54:00 EST 2006

On 12/03/2006, at 1:57 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

>> Hi Klaus
>> This is what I get from pasting your code
>> 2006-03-11 19:06:46.564 defaults[604]
>> The domain/default pair of (kCFPreferencesAnyApplication,   
>> NSThousandsSeparator) does not exist
> I get the same thing. I think that means the user has not set a  
> separator in the system prefs yet, so there is no specific  
> character identified. Probably the script could assume the generic  
> default separator, a comma, is in use.

I changed the settings to those typical of Germany, but I still get  
the "does not exist message".
Is it possible to get the thousand separator, currency symbol and  
decimal symbol?


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