copy from a locked, focusable fld under Windows

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Mar 10 17:40:57 EST 2006


It works here with RR 2.6.1 and WinXP as well. You might want to 
explicity capture the copyKey message with a script in your stack which 
does something like:

on copyKey
   if the selectedText is not empty then copy
end copyKey

Keep in mind, Rev traps the copyKey message when in development mode. 
But if you suspend development, you will find it works.



André.Bisseret wrote:
> Hi !
> I have fields that are set to "lock text", "focusable" and "auto hilite 
> text".
> I want that users be able to select a part of text and to copy it in 
> order to paste it elsewhere (for ex. in a Word document).

> With Windows system, friends who are testing my app.  report that Ctrl C 
> does not work.

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