Must an OSX app have an 'Edit' menu?

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Fri Mar 10 12:38:13 EST 2006

I've been asked to produce an app with no 'Edit' features on its main  
screen (editing is confined to specialised activities in other stacks  
that are not normally visible), and as such the 'Edit' menu is  
redundant. However, this may be against the HIG, and anyway the RR  
docs say

> The Edit menu and the "Preferences" menu item
> On OS X systems, the "Preferences" menu item is also normally  
> placed in the
> Application menu. To accommodate this user-interface standard,  
> Revolution removes the
> last two menu items of the Edit menu when a standalone application  
> is running on an OS
> X system. Therefore, the last menu item in your Edit menu button  
> should be
> "Preferences". The menu item above it should be a divider line (a  
> dash).
> Note:  The Preferences menu item is treated in this special way  
> only if its name starts
> with the string "Preferences".

Well, I need a 'Preferences' item, so am I doomed to have an 'Edit'  
menu on OSX? Anyone know a way around this?



Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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