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Mvreade mvreade at
Fri Mar 10 10:45:07 EST 2006


I've been playing with Revolution for a few days and am VERY impressed with its capabilities and ease of use.

I do however, have a few questions and reservations, which hopefully you guys can answer.

I found it a bit buggy (using a iBook G4, 1G of memory, on OSX 10.4).  The property inspector went blank a few times, the application crashed once, the sample database query in the example solutions was updating records, demo videos weren't displaying, to mention a few.  

So the quesiton is, how good of an environment to work on is it?

And how stable are the final applications?

For users who have used Rev for databases, I was wondering what it's like to develop a system with, say, 20 tables and lots or relationships and methods?

Where would one store all the methods?

For relationships, would one just keep a VERYlong list of Database Queries?

Finally, does any one know if Runtime Revolution Ltd has any plans to have a connection to an open source, embeddable database, such as SQLite?

Thanks for your help,

Michael Reade

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