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Fri Mar 10 05:24:52 EST 2006

In a message dated 3/9/06 7:08:13 PM, Marty Knapp <martyknapp at>
>I'm wanting to set up a situation where people can download an update of
>my program via a "download update" menu script, but keep the URL from 
>being known. I was tinkering with the revGoURL ftp route, but my 
>username and password show up in the browser history, which is, of 
>course, not good!
>I've been reading the docs about all the URL stuff. I took a look at the
>Tutorials from So Smart Software and I'm getting more, not less 
>confused. It seems like there's a lot of options, though the difference
>between them isn't clear to me yet. Basically I need to protect myself
>from people just downloading the software who haven't paid, but make it
>easy for those who have paid to download the latest version. Because 
>it's a low-dollar item I can't afford to be manually processing stuff -
>I want my computer & web site to take care of 99% (that's why they made
>computers - right!?).
>If someone can help get the twist out of my shorts, I'd appreciate it!
    Forget concealing the URL. Instead, play with cookies. When a user 
installs your app, the app creates a cookie as part of the installation process. 
When Joe User surfs over to your download site, your server only lets Joe get 
there if Joe has the right cookie. Otherwise, Joe ends up at a different URL -- 
perhaps one from which he can download a trial version of your software. 

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