Change image to another image in stack

Garrett Hylltun garrett at
Fri Mar 10 01:16:09 EST 2006

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Garrett Hylltun wrote:
>> Rev 2.6.1
>> How do I change an image object on my stack to show another image that 
>> is also contained in the same stack?
> You'll love this, it's so...x-talky:
>   put <img reference> into <other img reference>
> Like this:
>   put img 1 into img 2

Yeah tell me about it.  I'm sitting here trying to use "fileName" to no 
avail.  I knew it was something as simple as this!

I now hate asking questions about Rev, because I know the answer is 
going to be so damn simple that I'm going to feel like an idiot when I 
see it!  ;-)

Ken Ray, J. Landman Gay, thanks a bunch for helping me :-)

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