Player object and memory

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Thu Mar 9 17:03:57 EST 2006

I think I solved the problem.  The issue comes from starting a player in 
the playStopped handler.

I set up a group with the number of players needed to play all the sounds 
and use the handlers as below (but since I had enough players, they didn't 
need to load any new files) and it still hung up.  That indicated the start 
player in the playStopped was the culprit.

I change the playStopped to send "StartPlayer" && ("Player" && tNextPlayer) 
to me in 10 milliseconds, and I haven't been able to get it to hang.

I reduced the number of players to try interleaving them again, but setting 
up the next file in the playStopped handler would delay the message to play 
the next one, dragging out the sequence.

What I wound up with was doing a send "QueueNext" to sPlayerToSetup in 10 
milliseconds in a startPlaying handler, so I could start the next sound 
quickly, and then load the next sound safely while the current one is 
playing.  If I didn't send in 10 milliseconds in the startPlaying, it would 
still hang, but not as often.

The (QuickTime) player on Windows seems to be very timing sensitive.

At 11:31 AM 3/9/2006, you wrote:
>I am trying to play a sequence of MP3s.  I am using 3 interleaved players 
>to speed up the transition between the sounds.  I set up the first 3 
>sounds on Player 1 - Player 3.  I then start Player 1 and when I get a 
>playStopped message, I start Player 2 and set the filename for Player 1 to 
>the next sound file for that player (if there is one).  Is there any 
>memory management issues I need to be aware of?  My stack freezes 
>eventually on XP, both as a standalone, and in the IDE.
>I have a group setup to contain the players.  I originally had the code 
>attached to each player and had the same result.  I have generalized my 
>code and moved it to the group script.  My group script is the following 
>(perhaps someone can see a problem):
>function NextPlayerNumber pName
>   put word 2 of pName into tPlayerNumber
>   put tPlayerNumber + 1 into tPlayerNumber
>   if tPlayerNumber > the number of players of me then put 1 into 
> tPlayerNumber
>   return tPlayerNumber
>end NextPlayerNumber
>on playStopped
>   put NextPlayerNumber(the short name of the target) into tNextPlayer
>   if the cpDone of player ("Player" && tNextPlayer) of me is not true then
>     start player ("Player" && tNextPlayer) of me
>     QueueNext
>   else
>     StoppedReading
>   end if
>end playStopped
>on QueueNext
>   put the cpSoundList of the target into tCurrentSoundList
>   if tCurrentSoundList is not empty then
>     if there is no file the first item of tCurrentSoundList then
>       ReportError "Cannot find file:" && the first item of 
> tCurrentSoundList, "Missing Sound File"
>       set the cpDone of the target to true
>     else
>       lock messages
>       set the filename of the target to the first item of tCurrentSoundList
>       unlock messages
>       delete item 1 of tCurrentSoundList
>       set the cpSoundList of the target to tCurrentSoundList
>     end if
>   else
>     set the cpDone of the target to true
>   end if
>end QueueNext
>on SetSoundFiles pSoundFileList
>   put the number of players in me into tNumPlayers
>   -- split up the list among the players, interleaving the sounds
>   repeat with i = 1 to the number of items in pSoundFileList
>     put (i - 1) mod tNumPlayers + 1 into tPlayerNumber
>     put tPlayerList[tPlayerNumber] & item i of pSoundFileList & "," into 
> tPlayerList[tPlayerNumber]
>   end repeat
>   -- queue up the first sound file for each
>   lock messages
>   repeat with i = 1 to tNumPlayers
>     if there is no file the first item of tPlayerList[i] then
>       ReportError "Cannot find file:" && the first item of 
> tPlayerList[i], "Missing Sound File"
>       set the cpDone of player ("Player" && i) to true
>     else
>       set the filename of player ("Player" && i) to the first item of 
> tPlayerList[i]
>       delete the first item of tPlayerList[i]
>       set the cpSoundList of player ("Player" && i) to tPlayerList[i]
>       set the cpDone of player ("Player" && i) to false
>     end if
>   end repeat
>   unlock messages
>end SetSoundFiles
>on StartPlaying
>   start player "Player 1" of me
>end StartPlaying
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