MagicCarpet Users and 2.7 bugs

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu Mar 9 16:14:02 EST 2006

For those of you who use MagicCarpet:

The only serious bug I can track down has to do with FTP and libURL. 
Turns out Rev 2.7 won't upload propertly to our FTP servers with the new 
version of libURL (MagicCarpet plugin users should be aware of this!).

That said, Dave Cragg's already got a fix (and patch) and I assume it 
will find it's way into the dot upgrade of 2.7. If you're a MagicCarpet 
user and are using 2.7, I suggest you contact Dave Cragg for the libURL 



PS For those of you who don't use MagicCarpet, you can learn more about 
it at:

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