No OpenStack ..... ! Now Ending !

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Thu Mar 9 14:40:53 EST 2006

Hi to all,

and thanks for your comments about the .xxx files when
moving from Mac to PC,

I think the name of the thread has now changed to
"What the h.... are these files ?".

I more or less guessed what the files were. My problem
is not what they are for, but HOW TO STOP THEM FROM
BEING COPIED, when I move from Mac to PC. Simply
because they are a PAIN ! Sometimes I copy folders with 200
or 300 files from my Mac to my PC, and I can tell you, ignoring
these .xxx files is not as easy as it looks !


"In the quantum world, what you see is what you get and
nothing is real. The best you can hope for is a set of delusions
that agree with one another"

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