The End of Dreamcard?

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Thu Mar 9 09:43:00 EST 2006

On 3/9/06, Marielle Lange <mlange at> wrote:
> I rather agree with the argument you make, but I disagree with the
> way it is made, using the story of another person that nobody can
> check up. I far prefer that attempts to convince non profit users on
> this list to put the little money they have in revolution rather than
> other products focus on a discussion of the intrinsic quality of the
> product and customer support.

OK, then substitute me.

I can fully relate to  the story Dan posted as I basically used exactly the
same logic when I upgraded from REV Express (free at the time) to REV
DreamCard (may not have been called DreamCard) and then to REV Studio.

REV Express disappeared and I was pretty ticked off at not having a 'free'
version for hobbiests to 'play with'. I even emailed REV and let them know
what I thought.

But to put it into perspective, I 'play with' trains, and I spend more
annually on model trains than REV.

I enjoy cycling, and spend more on my bike annually than I do on REV. See my
recent post - subject REV vs Visual Basic - on how I use REV to support my

I enjoy computers, and whilst I LOVE Perl, MySQL and other freebies. I still
spend more annually on computer hardware and software (excluding REV) than
on REV alone. Then again children do form a large part of the software
expenditure pie (games).

So, I'm never going to make money out of my trains (apart from a few sound
investments), my bike, or from REV. Although I still hope that one day I'll
actually script something that is useful to someone else.

Please feel free to 'check up' my story. I'd love to send you a photo of my
Live Steam engine or my new road bike;-)

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