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On 9/3/06 13:43, "David Burgun" <dburgun at dsl.pipex.com> wrote:

>> Now that the hard work for this new release cycle is out of the  way, we will
>> do a series of point releases to fix bugs and provide greater feature
>> completeness.
> That's really good news and I really hope it happens. I can't help
> thinking that it would have been easier/quicker to fix the bugs if
> new features had not been added. The time to fix "core" bugs is when
> the system is small and when there are fewer developers. The more the
> system grows and the more people it effects the harder it is to get
> things fixed in a timely manner.

That's simply not the case.  Many of the bugs and issues people have
reported are either easier to address, or in some cases can only be
addressed by rewriting or reworking a specific area.  In 2.7 we reworked
large areas related to rendering and that will have knock on effects in
allowing us to address several of the more popular things people have been
asking for.  For example, in order to properly address the feedback on
printing related issues we needed to do most of the groundwork we just did.
"Exposing" the antialising feature on top of that work was relatively little
effort, for an enhancement that many have requested.  Over 2.7.x we are now
well placed to do more.

>> The first of those will smooth out the handful of rough edges in 2.7 that
>> have been reported, and then we'll be tackling some other areas that have
>> attracted feedback for a longer period of time.
> If new features had not been added then there would be no need for
> smoothing and the only people affected by problems would be those
> that were using the new features.

When rewriting any major area, you always run the risk of introducing some
new issues.  But if you put in new foundations that are sound, it makes it
easier to address anything you have inadvertently shaken up, and then go on
to improve other areas.  This is fairly typical pattern for software
upgrades - a major release followed by point releases.

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