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On 9/3/06 11:28, "jbv" <jbv.silences at club-internet.fr> wrote:

>> Anti-aliasing Graphics Engine. Revolution’s vector graphics
>> presentation layer is now anti-aliased.
>> These are super-cool features, but they are not NEEDED,
> anti-aliased vector graphics were BADLY NEEDED, and I've been
> begging for it since 2002 or so...
> In a couple of projects that required high quality graphics I had to write
> an external that used 2D openGL to achieve the quality requested by
> my client. And of course, I wasn't able to charge that client for the
> development time that happened to be several times more important
> than using a simple vector graphics tool in Rev (simply because it was
> hard to admit that a dev. tool that I described as "the best one around"
> didn't feature anti-aliased graphics)...
> Different needs, different priorities...

I think these two sides of this debate sum it up quite well.  We can't
please everyone with every release.  I hear what people are saying about
bugs and stability issues.  At the same time I also know that the vast
majority of the feedback we have received on this release has been positive.
Remember that only a percentage of our customers are on this list, and we
receive a lot of feedback directly too.

Now that the hard work for this new release cycle is out of the way, we will
do a series of point releases to fix bugs and provide greater feature
completeness.  The first of those will smooth out the handful of rough edges
in 2.7 that have been reported, and then we'll be tackling some other areas
that have attracted feedback for a longer period of time.  The first such
point release is right around the corner now, so please wait patiently for a
short while as we get that together.

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