2.7 bugs

David Burgun dburgun at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Mar 9 05:57:48 EST 2006


On top of what Paul said there is also the Stack incompatibility  
issues to contend with in 2.7.

I totally agree that we need and have said several times over the  
last year or so that a bug fix only release is what is needed. This  
product has had heaps of new functionality added over the last couple  
of years and bugs that were there in the start have not been fixed.  
This means that new functionality might actually break once a bug has  
been fixed as well as just making the product much harder to use.

I can't understand why new functionality is added to a buggy base.  
For instance the new feature detailed here:
New object blending capabilities. All objects, including standard  
system controls such as buttons and fields, as well as media elements  
such as QuickTime movies, can now be rendered using a rich variety of  
blend modes and opacity settings.
Over 20 brand new blend modes. Includes the industry standard porter- 
duff and SVG compositing operators.
Window level transitions. Now you can perform transitions with alpha  
channels on an entire window, allowing effects such as rippling  
applications on the desktop.
New image rendering options. Render an image from any object on- 
screen, preserving the alpha channel, then transform and save.
Anti-aliasing Graphics Engine. Revolution’s vector graphics  
presentation layer is now anti-aliased.
These are super-cool features, but they are not NEEDED, adding this  
functionality now just means that any bugs that do not have a work- 
around need to be fixed now and I'm betting that bugs that do have a  
work-around will be put onto the "to do" list along with all the  
others and so the "to do" list will grow. I've seen this situation  
with other products. CodeWarrior for instance had a very buggy  
debugger for ages and each new version did nothing to fix it, but  
added loads of new functionality, which inevitably had new bugs which  
needed to be fixed. It made using the product a much less satisfying  
prospect which is what I have found with RunRev and for a Newbie it  
is very off-putting.

I would much rather have 75% of the functionality with 5% bugs, than  
100% of the functionality with 25% bugs!

All the Best

On 8 Mar 2006, at 20:27, simplsol at aol.com wrote:

> Dan,
> I use OS X and agree with David. New users should start with 2.6.x  
> and wait while 2.7 matures.
> Version 2.6.1 was the best all-around release of Rev in the last  
> three years. "In my experience" 2.7 was one of the worst.
> The missing documentation chapters, crashes when accessing the  
> Table panel on the Inspector, etc. etc.  affect all platforms. The  
> automatic changing of creator codes and file types affect OS X  
> users (especially the changing of creator codes which are not an  
> issue on Windows or UNIX). Changing the appearance of previously  
> created stacks from OS X to OS 9 may or may not be exclusively an  
> OS X problem.
> 2.7 promises to be very good when it is ready. I don't believe it  
> is ready yet.
> Paul Looney
> PS Remember the last meeting in Monterey when we asked for two  
> updates that did nothing but fix bugs? That seems, in hindsight, to  
> have been a very good suggestion. 2.6.8 could have been awesome!
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