Expanded DPI images for printing -Good News (news to me anyway)...

Scott Morrow scott at elementarysoftware.com
Thu Mar 9 02:39:32 EST 2006

This isn't exactly what you are doing and if familiar to you then  
perhaps someone else will say "Ah!" but, you can get a similar effect  
with image types other than PICT.  I often use a GIF image that is  
much bigger than what I want to print.  By scaling it (setting the  
height and  width )and setting the lockLoc property to keep it from  
resizing, you can then print it (since all those dots were squeezed  
into a smaller space) at a higher resolution, depending on how much  
you scaled it.  I usually end up making a separate screen version  
that has some antialiasing or whatnot and then swap for the other  
when it is time to print.

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On Mar 8, 2006, at 11:13 PM, Stephen Barncard wrote:

> If this is in the docs, and I'm ignorant of this I apologize, but  
> I'd like to share my discovery.
> Ever since I started working with x-talks 18 years ago, I wanted a  
> way to print 300 dpi images from a card. I got the impression from  
> my last year of experiments that it was not possible.
> Today I was messing around with loading images on a card recently  
> with different file sources using the filename property. I noticed  
> a few old images that I loaded were much smaller in size than I  
> remember, and not only that, when printed, had the appropriate  
> detail. This is what I came up with:
> When you are creating a graphic from photoshop, set the DPI to 300  
> or whatever. Set the size to what size in inches,etc. you want on  
> the card. Save as a PICT  file!!
> Setting the filename of an image object to a PICT file will force  
> the object to print the DPI indicated in the image file. The image  
> on the screen is dpi-scaled and is totally WYSIWYG.
> In other words, Rev reads the DPI of the image from the file and  
> prints accordingly in the print region. This does not work with  
> PNG, Gif or jpg images, that show and print at screen resolution.
> So has rev always worked this way, or is this new?
> Weren't we encouraged to not use picts anymore?
> And finally, are PC users able to create picts?
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