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Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Mar 9 01:13:37 EST 2006

Recently, Judy Perry wrote:

> I am trying to use the move command to simultaneously move three images in
> 2.7. on Mac OS 10.3.9 (not that this probably matters given that the error
> is almost certainly due to 'stupid user syndrome').
> Here is what the docs say:
> "To move multiple objects at the same time, set the lockMoves property to
> true before issuing the move commands.  When you set the lockMoves back to
> false, all the pending moves begin at once."
> So, here's my script (which doesn't, incidentally, move all three images
> simultaneously)

I'm not sure if the problem you're having is that the objects are not moving
simultaneously or something else.  However, the lock moves is usually for
starting objects off at the same time.

Instead, try removing the lock/unlockmoves lines and try adding "without
waiting" to each move line in your script, for example:

  move image "BStone1.gif" to 588,-72 in 2 secs without waiting

See if this is the effect you're looking for.


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