Moving Multiple Objects

Judy Perry jperryl at
Wed Mar 8 23:26:29 EST 2006


I am trying to use the move command to simultaneously move three images in
2.7. on Mac OS 10.3.9 (not that this probably matters given that the error
is almost certainly due to 'stupid user syndrome').

Here is what the docs say:

"To move multiple objects at the same time, set the lockMoves property to
true before issuing the move commands.  When you set the lockMoves back to
false, all the pending moves begin at once."

So, here's my script (which doesn't, incidentally, move all three images

on openCard
  set the lockMoves to true
  move image "BStone1.gif" to 588,-72 in 2 secs
  move image "BStone2.gif" to -65,-21 in 2 secs
  move image "BStone3.gif" to 290,459 in 2 secs
  set the lockMoves to false
  wait 15 ticks
  visual effect dissolve
  go next card
end openCard

The docs entry for lockMoves gives the following example script:

Well, okay, so I WAS going to copy and paste in the script EXCEPT, of
course, that YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!  :-/

What am I doing wrong?  (I'm trying to come up with a little animation
tutorial for my students that doesn't include the Animation Builder or
whatever it was called).

I've tried lockMoves without the "the" and the result is the same.

Any ideas?

Oh, and does anybody know where the old Bryce 4 demo can be found?  I had
a copy but my department's dying ftp server fubar'd the file.

As it did for iMovie (which we owned)... and a number of other



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