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If I understand correctly, your files contain lists like the one in  
your message, which repeat over and over in a single file. So one  
file might have many "records".

This is how I'd approach it:

Create a stack with just one card, a "template" with all the proper  

   put url ("file:/Path/To/Your/File.txt") into rawData
   put lineOffset("Name:",rawData) into recStart
   if recStart = 0 then exit repeat
   put lineOffset("Type:",rawData) into recEnd
   put line recStart to recEnd of rawData into tCurrRecord
   delete line recStart to recEnd of rawData
   replace cr&cr with cr in tCurrRecord -- get rid of empty lines
   copy card "template" to this stack --create a new card for the data
   go last card
   set the itemDelimiter to ":"
   repeat for each line tLine in tCurrRecord
     put item 2 of tLine into fld (item 1 of tLine)
   end repeat
end repeat

This is untested but should be mostly right.


On Mar 8, 2006, at 11:14 AM, liamlambert wrote:

> I have a large amount of plane text files that are laid out like  
> this Below
> Name:
> Roll Number:
> Address:
> Principal/Director:
> Phone:
> Fax:
> Email:
> Website:
> Female Enrolment:
> Male Enrolment:
> Type: Primary
> I want to import the info that is after the  colon into fields of  
> the same name as the list above the list repeats name roll number ect
> Liam Lambert
> liamlambert at
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