File/Picture Chooser Widgets for Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP/2000 - SOURCE STACKS AVAILABLE

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Wed Mar 8 14:59:07 EST 2006

Dear All,

As promised, I have made available the Windows XP/2000 and Ubuntu Linux 
source stacks for my File/Picture Chooser Widgets (#1). They can be 
downloaded from

Since I do not have enough machines for the development and testing of 
these widgets in other flavours of Linux and Macintosh, I am offering 
these stacks so that you can adapt them yourself, if you so wish.

At the webpage above, you will read this, among other tips:

"Conversion to other flavours of Linux should be simple, and can be done 
directly from the Linux stacks provided.

Conversion to Macintosh might not be quite so straightforward, since 
named multiple drives are possible. For this reason, the Windows stacks 
have also been provided. Together with the Linux stacks, and some slight 
changes in layout, the development of widgets for Mac would be a 
combined solution."

Of course, these widgets are potentially useful in other respects since 
they contain HD treeviews that can be isolated and re-employed.

Best regards,
Bob Warren

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