[ANN] Stock Portfolio 2 - built with Revolution

Karen Karen at curlypaws.com
Wed Mar 8 14:37:22 EST 2006

Curlypaws Software is pleased to announce version 2 of Stock  
Portfolio, which brings a number of improvements:

* More robust storage mechanism (the program now uses a database to  
store your stock list and portfolio details)
* Improved appearance (the program now has a new graphical appearance)
* Better usability (the graph and summary information are now easily  
to hand, rather than in a separate window)
* Better graphing (there is now a choice between a logarithmic graph  
as well as the previous linear one)
* More information (there is a percentage change shown on the  
portfolio window)
* Better reports (the reports are now more attractive and show more  
* Allows entry of both UK and US versions of a stock (e.g. VOD and  

You can import your data from version 1 of Stock Portfolio using the  
File/Import menu option.  You should import both your stock list  
(using the Import option on that window) and your portfolio list  
(using the import option on that window).  The import option will  
avoid setting up duplicates.

The program can be downloaded at:


The Stock Portfolio 2 program is copyright of Curlypaws Ltd. 2006.
Portions (c)2000-2006 Runtime Revolution Limited, All Rights Reserved  

Stock Portfolio 2 was built using the following tools:

Runtime Revolution	http://www.runrev.com/
altSQLite3 		http://www.altuit.com/webs/altuit2/altSQLiteCover/
InterfaceDesigner 	http://www.altuit.com/
Constellation 		http://daniels-mara.com/products/constellation.htm
Quartam Reports 	http://www.quartam.com/
Icon People 		http://www.iconpeople.com/

Thanks are due to the Revolution Mailing List contributors, without  
whom none of this would be possible.

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