Help with Video Capture

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Mar 8 13:55:57 EST 2006

Hi Richard,

> Jack,
> To run Firewire video under XP, you need to set the videoMethod  
> parameter in the RevInitializeVideoGrabber function to "DirectX".
> I don't believe that is listed in the documentation, but it is the  
> correct setting. Make sure you have DirectX installed.

"videoMethiod" IS listed in the docs, but reads:
The videoMethod is either "QT" or "VFW".

> So the first call needs to be something like:
> revInitializeVideoGrabber the short name of this stack,  
> "DirectX",the rect of this stack

Thanks for this little gem, will go directly into my archieves!

Don't we just love undocumented features? ;-)

> Hope that helps.
> Richard Miller
> Imprinter Technologies


Klaus Major
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