Revolution vs Visual Basic

Garrett Hylltun garrett at
Wed Mar 8 13:28:15 EST 2006

Mark Smith wrote:
> Haitham, I can't answer anything like all your questions, but I'll have 
> a go at what I can:
> On 6 Mar 2006, at 06:43, Haitham Abdulla wrote:
>> Question (2):
>> VB .NET has some great built-in components and I want to ask whether
>> Revolution has them. Some of those components are:
>> a.      Font Dialog Box
>    no, but I think something may be available from someone on this list.

The following will at least get a list of ANSI fonts and sort them in 
alphabetical order for you:

put fontNames() into varTempPreProcess
put the number of lines of varTempPreProcess into varTemp
put 1 into varCounter
repeat varTemp times
   put line varCounter of varTempPreProcess into varTempFont
   if the fontLanguage of varTempFont is "ANSI" then
     put varTempFont & return after varFontMenuBuild
   end if
   put varCounter + 1 into varCounter
end repeat
sort lines of varFontMenuBuild

the variable "varFontMenuBuild" now holds the sorted list of fonts. 
 From there you can either make your own font dialog, or maybe a menu.

There are probably other ways of doing this, but this is what I have. 
I've only been using Rev since late 2005, so I'm not an old pro at it 
yet like so many others here.  ;-)


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