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Rob Cozens rcozens at
Wed Mar 8 11:40:10 EST 2006

Hi Francis,

> You say  :
> |  The main issue I had was created by moving uncompressed stacks from 
> Mac
> |  to PC.
> |
> |  Once I began compressing stacks on the Mac & decompressing on my 
> TPC,
> |  all but minor problems went away.
> Could you clarify just a little please ? My curiosity is aroused !

Before I upgraded to RRv2.6.1, I was using v2.1.2 on MacOS Classic and 
MacOSX Macs.  When I renewed my license, I chose a Studio license for 
Windows, as my preferred platform is the Tablet PC.

In my first attempt at moving my Mac stacks to WinXP, I simply plugged 
my Lexar JumpDrive into a USB slot on the Mac, dragged the stack files 
to the JumpDrive, and reversed the process on the TPC.  (I had been 
using this technique to move files between MacOS Classic and MacOSX for 
some time with no problem.)

Some stacks seemed to survive this process and run OK; but others 
didn't.  Most especially, I would get "there was an error creating the 
standalone" errors from the Standalone Builder.

Based on suggestions from this List, I revised my stack file transfer 
procedure so that the stack files are compressed on the Mac before 
dragging them to the JumpDrive and decompressed on the TPC.  When this 
was done, the stacks that wouldn't build correctly previously did build 
working standalone apps.

Others used zip format, I use SDB_Tools plugIn's Compress/Expand folder 
menuItems, and one could probably use Rev's gzip facility (though the 
later must be applied on a file-by-file basis).

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

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