Revolution vs Visual Basic

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Wed Mar 8 10:45:28 EST 2006

Haitham/Mark wrote:

 >Question (3):
 >> VB .NET has the Tree Component which makes you able to build something
 >> similar to the trees of folders and files in Windows Explorer. It
 >> is very
 >> easy to use and you can expand and add items into the tree
 >> dynamically. Is
 >> there something similar in Revolution? Is it easy to do such thing?

 >Not built in, but I think there are a couple of tree view components
 >from users of this list


Please visit the following webpage for details of file/picture chooser 
widgets written in Rev:

These widgets do, of course, include HD trees.

The standalone widgets exist for Windows XP/2000 and Ubuntu Linux. In 
view of the fact that I do not possess sufficient machines for testing 
versions for MAC and other flavours of Linux, I intend to release the 
source stacks so that other developers can make the adaptions for these 
platforms. I shall be releasing the stacks within the next few days.

What this means for you personally, apart from using the widgets as they 
stand, is that you can adapt the HD treeviews as you want.

I don't know whether or not other programmers would find it easy or 
difficult to produce HD treeviews in Rev. The fact is, that so far they 
don't seem to have done it very much. Certainly, for me, the development 
of these stacks was non-trivial to say the least. (On the other hand, it 
was my first real attempt at producing an application in Rev. In actual 
fact, I did it in VB6 first, and then "translated" it into Transcript.)

I believe that one other programmer has produced a treeview widget 
fairly recently (but NOT for the HD), which you can add to or subtract 
from. If you look back on the Use-Rev Lists, you are sure to find it

Bob Warren

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