Revolution vs Visual Basic

Mark Smith mark at
Wed Mar 8 09:45:37 EST 2006

Haitham, I can't answer anything like all your questions, but I'll  
have a go at what I can:

On 6 Mar 2006, at 06:43, Haitham Abdulla wrote:

> Question (2):
> VB .NET has some great built-in components and I want to ask whether
> Revolution has them. Some of those components are:
> a.      Font Dialog Box
    no, but I think something may be available from someone on this  
> b.     Color Dialog Box

> c.     Save Dialog Box
> d.     Print Dialog Box
> Question (3):
> VB .NET has the Tree Component which makes you able to build something
> similar to the trees of folders and files in Windows Explorer. It  
> is very
> easy to use and you can expand and add items into the tree  
> dynamically. Is
> there something similar in Revolution? Is it easy to do such thing?
Not built in, but I think there are a couple of tree view components  
from users of this list

> Question (4):
> We can build easily a Tool Bar in VB .NET and add icons in the Tool  
> Bar. We
> can also easily draw pictures for the icons within VB .NET or we  
> can attach
> any saved pictures to the icons.
> Is there something similar in Revolution? Is it easy to do so?
If you mean a row of buttons with custom icons, extremely easy
> Question (5):
> We, as programmers, used to use some techniques and algorithms in our
> programs. Sometimes we need to use Stacks, Queues, Hash Tables,
> Dictionaries, etc. All these objects, or most of them, are built in  
> and we can use them easily.

not really, but a lot of the power in Revolution is in it's chunk  
expressions, and many different kinds of structures can be easily  
made and used.
Important to know is that in Revolution, effectively everything is a  
string, there are no types. This is both a disadvantage and a huge  
A little out of my depth in saying this, but I don't think Revolution  
would be optimal for writing large and complex image manipulation  
routines, for example.

I'll leave it there, as I have no experience of VB, so perhaps others  
can offer useful comparisons.



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