sort of OT, CD names to iTunes

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at
Wed Mar 8 09:01:24 EST 2006

On Mar 8, 2006, at 8:11 AM, Kay C Lan wrote:

> The only reason I'd recommend this method is that I hate to waste  
> CD space.
> Most LPs are only 45 min or less. Quite a few Double LPs can fit on  
> an 80min
> CD. So by putting everything in iTunes first I can then add extra  
> tracks
> (either by the same artist or of a similar genre to fill the CD.

I decided the opposite -- particularly because so little accessible  
data is available on the audio CD. That leaves the magic-marker label  
on the CD itself the only key to its contents. If that's the title of  
one LP, the problem is minimal; if it's twenty miscellaneous  
tracks . . . CDs are now roughly 20 cents apiece; their storage bulk  
is not much more imposing, if you find a reasonable binder system for  

As for OK vs Next in iTunes, note that if you've burned the tracks to  
CD before importing to iTunes, cmd-I (Get Info) on the CD with no  
track selected lets you fill in album-title and album-artist (and  
album-composer if there's only one) just once, leaving only track  
names and composers to be filled in.

Burn to CD first? It's a tough call, as discussed before on this  
list. My assumption is that I want to end up with AIFFs on the CD  
(for fidelity) and AACs in iTunes (for the huge space savings on my  
hard disk). Given that assumption, burning the CD first turns out to  
be competitive for efficiency with the reverse. And I'm realizing  
that filling in the data on the CD (with Toast Lite, say) is a  
complete waste of timen -- which means it has to be filled in only  
once, when the CD is imported into iTunes.


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