answer file with filter problem

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Mar 8 04:16:30 EST 2006

Hi Garrett,

> Rev 2.6.1
> Greetings,
> Am I doing something wrong with the answer file?
>   put "Please select a file:" into varOne
>   put "Text Files,*.txt" into varTwo
>   put "Open file" into varThree
>   answer file varOne with filter varTwo titled varThree
> I originally had this way:
>   answer file "Please select a file:" with filter "Text  
> Files,*.txt" titled "Open file"
> But either way, the files listed in the answer file dialog are all  
> blocked out and not accessible at all.

your script(s) above will work wonderfully on a windows pc :-)

But since you are using a mac (I guessed from your mail header,  
please do always
mention the platform you are using) you need another syntax ->  
"answer... WITH TYPE ..."

So you should script:
answer file "Please select a file:" with type "Text Files|txt| 
TEXTttxt" titled "Open file"

Or fill your variables accordingly.

This syntax is crossplaform and takes the FILETYPES on a Mac into  
FILETYPES are going away in the future on OS X I am sure, and only  
will be supported and that is also taken care of by this syntax.

If you don't know the necessary FILEPTYPE (last parameter), simply  
omit it, and on
OS X only files with the appropriate suffix will be shown in the dialog:

answer file "Please select a file:" with Type "Text Files|txt|"  
titled "Open file"

will also show all text files with the suffix ".txt"

The "delimiter" sign is the "pipe" = "|" = ALT-7 on a german keyboard

See also "answer file with type" in the docs.

Hope that helps.

> Thanks,
> -Garrett


Klaus Major
klaus at

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