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> Hi Everyone,
> OK so you can initiate globals for an object outside of a handler. That's
> cool if you have more than one handler for an object. Is there anything else I
> can do outside of a handler that will apply to all handlers for an object?
> Joe

Lots... take your pick _____________________
creating more cards, fields, buttons, groups
using custom properties
Back script
Front script
start using stack "libOfHandlers.rev"

set the script of btn "green" to " url "file:/Desktop/ btnScript01.txt"
set the script of btn "blue" to " url "file:/Desktop/ btnScript02.txt"
set the script of btn "green" to " url "file:/Desktop/ btnScript03.txt"

on opencard
if the name of this card is "summary" then
set the script of btn "Report" to url "file:/Desktop/btnScriptRptSmry.txt"
 set the script of btn "Report" to url "file:/Desktop/btnScriptRptDept.txt"
end if
end opencard

put "info" into url "file:/Desktop/dataFileForRev.txt"

save spreadsheet as tab delimited, then open in Rev using
put url "file:/Desktop/dataTableFromExcel.txt" into tDataTable

--via Applescript or VisualBasic
much more stuff.

I am sure there are more, but that is a good start, off the top of my head.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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