DRM for Images and Text in Stacks

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Tue Mar 7 14:05:05 EST 2006

well, the point is to protect it *also* when looking in the REv's IDE  
If you  put the images into customProps and then put a password on  
the stack... will that prevent uses who have the IDE from getting at  
them? (I'll try it.)


On Mar 07, 2006, at 5:40 AM, Ken Ray wrote:

> This way, the image data is safe from prying eyes (people would  
> only see the
> raw image data when looking at it with the Rev IDE's inspector),  
> and since
> the stack is encrypted and the custom prop and image objects have  
> no obvious
> connection, it would be difficult to figure out which image data  
> goes with
> which object and even if they could, the data is encrypted or  
> compressed so
> it's not a simple act of "set the imageData of img 1 to <prop>".
> Here's a simple example using compress/decompress:
> set the uStuff of this card to compress(the imageData of img 1)
> put "" into img 1
> set the imageData of img 1 to decompress(the uStuff of this card)

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