Bug Report - unable to compile database applications for Windows

Sadhunathan Nadesan sadhu at castandcrew.com
Tue Mar 7 12:22:56 EST 2006

IMHO, bug reports should contain a minimum of 3 elements:

    * *How to duplicate this problem*
    * *What you expected*
    * *What you got instead*

Here is more!


I have developed Windows database applications on previous versions of 
Revolution, so imagine my surprise after spending all day building an 
app, which works fine in the IDE, but when I try to build a standalone, 
it fails on 2.7.  This is the first time I've tried this on 2.7 so, 
darn, now I am stuck with this stack because it won't load into 2.6.1.  
i have an enterprise license so database support should be included.

_*How to duplicate this problem*_

Well, can I include attachments in mail to this list?  I'd send a 
stack.  The one I built is not going to work for you because it requires 
a VPN connection to our corporate network.  Basically though it has code 
using the RevDB library calls, and as i say, works just fine when 
running in the IDE, but I think I'll try to build or find a very simple 
stack and see if I can duplicate the problem with that.

_*What I expected*_

I set the stand alone settings to include database support (can I send a 
screen shot?) and then I expected that when I chose 'save as stand alone 
application' it would work.  I expected to be able to launch the stand 
alone app and have it work like it does from within the ide.

_*What I got instead*_

When I had settings of 'search for inclusions' the stand alone build 
completed, but, the application when launched would not connect to the 

When I manually set the inclusions for databse support, internet 
support, mysql drivers, etc, the compile will not complete.  It hangs.  
after a long, long time i finally have to kill revolution, and the tools 
palette.  under the externals folder created there is nothing under the 
databse drivers folder.  It builds an app which will launch but again, 
does not work. 


2.7 does not do the right thing with database drivers on compiling stand 

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