And the sound player winner is...

Peter T. Evensen pevensen at
Tue Mar 7 11:39:39 EST 2006

Well, I tried SMIL, the two interleaved players, and a single player to 
play a list of 10 mp3s.  Here are my results.

Single player: 25.5 seconds local, 47.9-164.2 seconds from a network
2 interleaved: 19.1 seconds local, 19.1-19.9 seconds from a network
SMIL: 17.2 seconds local, 17.1-17.8 second from a network (however not all 
the sounds played).

SMIL played the files most seamlessly when the files were on the local 
machine; however, if the files were stored on a mounted drive, the first 
sound file played, then the subsequent files did NOT play, but there was a 
pause, until it caught up and then started playing the remainder of the 
files, which just won't work.  If I played the SMIL file a second time, it 
would play as expected, but playing it twice is not a solution.

These tests were done in Rev on XP using a drive mounted from my OS X machine.

Just thought I would share my results.

I guess I will stick with using two players and interleave them, so that 
one is loading the next file while the other one is playing the previous 
sound.  I was thinking of adding a call back to each player so I start 
playing the next sound even before I get the playingStopped on current 
player, to tighten things up even more.

Peter T. Evensen
314-629-5248 or 888-628-4588 

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