The End of Dreamcard? -- but life after death?

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Mon Mar 6 22:56:13 EST 2006

On 3/5/06, jeffrey reynolds <jeff at> wrote:
> Man i am feeling old... I created Apples first educational CD-ROM
> (Earth Explorer - a multimedia environmental encyclopedia for jr high
> kids)

 And I still have a copy of it! So if I can get you to sign it, what do you
reckon and original signed by the author copy of EE will fetch on eBay;-)

The other guys were pro programmers with degrees and
> much better programmers than me (i was a molecular biologist and self
> taught programmer).
> Boy did that get a laugh from the programming
> dept at first. but then they shut up when they realized that yes the
> prototype did just about everything that it needed to be done just
> fine

I love this story, it's making me go all 'Myst'y.

 I dont think Apple fully realized how much HC was a part of
> the success of Apple in general.

IMHO I don't think Apple were the only ones not to appreciate the true
brilliance of HC.

I think the lesson here is that there are options to make great stuff
> out of older things like stuff created in dreamcard.

I am still constantly amazed that HC refugees are still cropping up on this
list. I think the lesson here (and this list) is that there are an
incredible amount of extremely clever people out there with a mind-boggling
array of NEW ideas they'd like to turn into software, but programming is not
their idea of fun. HC went a long way in taking the 'pro' out of programming
but for many it still is hard work.

I think one hurdle is to 'educate' the masses that scripting is not as much
hard work as programing is.

Just my 2 shindarkles

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