How to preload sound files

Phil Davis davis.phil at
Mon Mar 6 21:03:38 EST 2006

Hi Peter,

Another approach is to load the files as URLs with the 'load' command, 
then set the player filename to each loaded url in succession. I don't 
know how the transition speed would be, but at least the player would be 
dealing with preloaded files. It might be fast enough.

I would probably use 'send... in' to run the loading handler, so I could 
make it load the next file only after the current one has started 
playing, but before it has completed.

Of course you might need to unload them too.

Phil Davis

Peter T. Evensen wrote:
> I know I've seen this, but I can't remember where to find it.  Is there 
> a command to buffer a sound file so the player can play it more quickly?
> I'm trying to string together a bunch of mp3's and minimize the delays 
> between one and the next one.  Any tips on this would be appreciated.
> I have a player with a list of files in a custom property.  On a 
> stopPlaying, I set the filename to the next one and then start the 
> player.  Any better ways to do it?
> Thanks!
> Peter T. Evensen
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