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On Mar 6, 2006, at 3:19 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, Peter T. Evensen wrote:
>> I'm trying to string together a bunch of mp3's and minimize the  
>> delays
>> between one and the next one.  Any tips on this would be appreciated.
>> I have a player with a list of files in a custom property.  On a
>> stopPlaying, I set the filename to the next one and then start the
>> player.  Any better ways to do it?
> Before I go off on a rant about Rev audio (apparently Geoff Canyon  
> has been
> listening), I don't think there's much you can do natively about  
> this.  I
> know Trevor DeVore added a looping function to his enhancedQT  
> external that
> allows you to loop one track seamlessly in a player, however I'm  
> not sure
> this can be spread across multiple audio files.

My solution in the EnhancedQT external only works for looping one  
file.  If you are using QT then you could try one of the following.   
I'm not sure if this will give you a seamless loop or not though.

1) Create a reference movie in QT if you have QT Player Pro.  Open QT  
Player and select File->New Player.  Open each mp3 file and copy and  
paste the contents from the mp3 into the new player.  Save the new  
player as a reference movie (an option when using Save As).  The  
reference movie will be very small as it only points to the mp3 files  
on disk.

2) Create a SMIL file.  Similar to the technique above but uses a  
SMIL file:


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