The End of Dreamcard?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Mon Mar 6 17:37:39 EST 2006

>Timothy Miller wrote:
>>  I can't quite picture the "persistent backdrop." Is there a way to
>>  preview it?
>Choose "Backdrop" from the View menu. You can set the color via 
>script, or from the Preferences. Note that having a backdrop doesn't 
>prevent you from changing apps.

I guess I can live with that. I can't understand why this option 
would suddenly become mandatory in Media. What's the logic? Is it a 
subtle incentive for some users to upgrade to Studio?

>There is a chart here: <>

Thanks! I wish I could have found that myself, but there it is.

>If you buy Studio or Enterprise, you don't need Media. Media is 
>basically an entry-level product for people who don't want, or don't 
>know how, to do much scripting yet. It has nearly the same 
>limitations that DC had, except that all database access is gone, 
>and there's that backdrop. It doesn't "add" anything to the other 
>editions (unless you want the templates.) It restricts behaviors 
>that the other editions do have.

Okay, that's clear. I get it now.


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