The End of Dreamcard?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Mar 6 16:47:21 EST 2006

Timothy Miller wrote:

 > I can't quite picture the "persistent backdrop." Is there a way to
 > preview it?

Choose "Backdrop" from the View menu. You can set the color via script, 
or from the Preferences. Note that having a backdrop doesn't prevent you 
from changing apps.

 > Will Media support all the commands, functions, properties and
 > containers presently supported by Dreamcard, except for external
 > database-related stuff?

Yes, pretty much. It is the same engine, with a few behavioral limitations.

 > If so, will Media do other things that DC presently doesn't do?

No. It comes with templates that the other editions don't have. But the 
engine functionality is the same, with above limitation caveats.

 > I still can't figure out if Media is meant as a DC replacement, or if it
 > also adds functionality to Studio. Am I overlooking some kind of a
 > comparison chart on the RR website? If I'm not, this really shouldn't be
 > so hard.

There is a chart here: <>

If you buy Studio or Enterprise, you don't need Media. Media is 
basically an entry-level product for people who don't want, or don't 
know how, to do much scripting yet. It has nearly the same limitations 
that DC had, except that all database access is gone, and there's that 
backdrop. It doesn't "add" anything to the other editions (unless you 
want the templates.) It restricts behaviors that the other editions do have.

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