The End of Dreamcard?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Mon Mar 6 15:48:59 EST 2006

>Timothy Miller wrote:
>>Thanks for your reply. It's not a question of licensing. It's a 
>>question of planning. I'm just trying to figure out what RR product 
>>I will need, in the long run, to continue running my stacks. Studio 
>>is my guess.
>If you don't mind the persistent backdrop and you aren't using 
>external databases, then I suspect you could also do fine with 
>Media. Media has a script editor.
>But I think the idea of renewing DC now and waiting for a while to 
>see what your needs are is a good one. That way you don't lose 

Thanks Jacque,

I can't quite picture the "persistent backdrop." Is there a way to preview it?

Will Media support all the commands, functions, properties and 
containers presently supported by Dreamcard, except for external 
database-related stuff?

If so, will Media do other things that DC presently doesn't do?

I still can't figure out if Media is meant as a DC replacement, or if 
it also adds functionality to Studio. Am I overlooking some kind of a 
comparison chart on the RR website? If I'm not, this really shouldn't 
be so hard.

I paid for an extended licence for DC some time ago, so renewing the 
license is not an issue. I thought it was a bargain at the time, 
still do.



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