Progress Reporting When Building Standalones

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Mar 6 14:35:38 EST 2006

Rob Cozens wrote:

> It turns out I was just impatient (and perhaps gun-shy from others' 
> reports): I was building standalones for both MacOSX and Windows from my 
> 90M Photo Portfolio stack, and I now know the process takes in excess of 
> four minutes... during which the IDE does nothing -- not even a cursor 
> change -- to provide any progress feedback.

The long time it takes to do a build might be due to the content of your 
stack, but also there can be a big delay if you have the standalone 
builder set to scan for inclusions. If you uncheck the box "search for 
required inclusions" and instead check the box "select inclusions" the 
time it takes to build can be dramatically reduced.

If you've already done that, of course, ignore this. ;)

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