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Mon Mar 6 12:03:50 EST 2006

On Mar 6, 2006, at 3:12 AM, Ram Kumar wrote:

> Greetings group,
> I am new to Revolution.
> before I buy it for commercial development, i need some feedback  
> from this
> list.
> + How good is revolution for commercial development?
Rev is an excellent choice for RAD, Prototyping and yes for  
Commercial Apps.

> + How does it compare to REALbasic, VB.NET?
This is always coming up on list. The problem is it compares Apples  
to Oranges. They are both good and have their own place for different  
projects. But with that said if you want something that is a breeze  
to use and want to spend more time building a useful app than  
debugging code I would go with Revolution.

> + How many active users on this list?
This list is just one of the many resources available for Rev users.  
It is the best list I have ever seen or been on. It is a nice mix of  
advanced users and new users and I always come here to help and to be  
helped. There are a lot of users but I don't know the numbers.

> + How stable is Revolution? ( many bugs? very less bugs? )
The IDE is being cleaned up with every release (all software has  
bugs) and some people experience more bugs and others experience  
less. But the finished applications that are built are very solid. I  
would say for a RAD tool that it has less bugs than some and the same  
as others. For new users that have maybe ever programmed before it  
has more bugs than they are used to. As a cross platform tool it  
definitely has less bugs.

> + Can I generate...
>   + interface-less apps?
>     ( not command line, but no GUI. Like If I want to create  
> DropZIP with no
> UI)
>   + command line apps?
>   + GUI apps?
>   + TCP/IP, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, SSL apps?
>   + Database frontends for mySQL, postgreSQL, ORACLE, MS-SQL,
I know people create CGIs and there is a lot of activity with  
Databases on this list. I would say though that Rev shines when  
building UIs and can't be beat in time to deployment. I can do in REV  
what it takes our C,C# programers months and months in just a few  
days. I can do in REV what it takes our Director, Flash, Java  
programmers weeks and weeks to do in just a day or two.

Welcome to the REVOLUTION, I hope you fall in love with Revolution  
and show up on the list...



> Regards, Ram
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