The End of Dreamcard?

Rishi Viner rishi at
Mon Mar 6 00:04:41 EST 2006

Hi Timothy,

> I have a bunch of stacks that began in Hypercard, then got modified
> and extended in Dreamcard. They don't use every command and function
> in the catalog, but they are fairly complex. When Dreamcard is no
> more, what will I have to buy so that I can continue entering and
> changing data, and modifying and extending the stacks?
> It looks like the answer is Studio, but I'm not sure.

I'm in the same boat too. I could use Media, except for the lack of database 
support... If you need database support, you had better go Studio.

> If the answer is "Studio," then an editorial follows. Otherwise,
> ignore subsequent lines.
> If I have to buy Studio, I will buy it. I have no choice, really. If
> so, the cost is annoyingly high, but not the main problem. The main
> problem is that I will be driving a V-12 Jaguar down the block to the
> convenience store. This couldn't be a good thing for me, or users
> like me.

Here here! I'm in Australia and 199UK Pounds is a LOT of money for me and my 
small business. Especially when you consider Dreamcard met my needs 
perfectly. I don't doubt that Studio is worth 199UK. I'm just complaining 
that I need to buy Studio when Dreamcard is doing me just fine!

> I can't spend the rest of my life chasing ever new and more complex
> technology, just so I can run a fairly simple sole-proprietor
> business. I can't anxiously scan a list like this every day for the
> rest of my life, just to keep up with the technology, so I can
> continue running simple stacks.
> But I can't allow my stacks to become obsolete, either. Starting over
> with paper and pencil, or hand-entering all my data into some shabby
> one-size-fits-all commercial product is not very attractive. That's
> why I switched from hyperCard to Dreamcard.

Yep. We must be the demographic that just got overlooked. 

Rishi Viner

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