The End of Dreamcard?

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Sun Mar 5 22:27:02 EST 2006


If you just want to maintain your existing stacks why not just keep  
using the version of Dreamcard that you have? Why upgrade at all? If  
you're looking to keep upgrading to newer and better technology,  
features and bug fixes than just upgrade to Studio? The price is not  
really that high. To use your analogy it would not cost more than a  
good set of wrenches or even new tires.


On Mar 5, 2006, at 8:23 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:

> --snip about 50 messages--
> I shoulda asked a simpler question!
> I read this whole thread the best I could. Maybe I overlooked it,  
> but I still don't know the answer to my main question, which should  
> have been:
> I have a bunch of stacks that began in Hypercard, then got modified  
> and extended in Dreamcard. They don't use every command and  
> function in the catalog, but they are fairly complex. When  
> Dreamcard is no more, what will I have to buy so that I can  
> continue entering and changing data, and modifying and extending  
> the stacks?
> It looks like the answer is Studio, but I'm not sure.
> I hope someone will clarify that.
> If the answer is "Studio," then an editorial follows. Otherwise,  
> ignore subsequent lines.
> If I have to buy Studio, I will buy it. I have no choice, really.  
> If so, the cost is annoyingly high, but not the main problem. The  
> main problem is that I will be driving a V-12 Jaguar down the block  
> to the convenience store. This couldn't be a good thing for me, or  
> users like me.
> I can't spend the rest of my life chasing ever new and more complex  
> technology, just so I can run a fairly simple sole-proprietor  
> business. I can't anxiously scan a list like this every day for the  
> rest of my life, just to keep up with the technology, so I can  
> continue running simple stacks.
> But I can't allow my stacks to become obsolete, either. Starting  
> over with paper and pencil, or hand-entering all my data into some  
> shabby one-size-fits-all commercial product is not very attractive.  
> That's why I switched from hyperCard to Dreamcard.
> What ever happened to "a computer as easy to use as a toaster" ?  :- 
> ( Sad to say, I kinda thought Dreamcard would be resurrecting that  
> quaint idea.
> I guess I might be a compared to a guy who built his first few  
> automobiles by hand in his spare time, out in the barn. At some  
> point, that just isn't feasible anymore, unless it becomes a  
> profession, or full-time hobby, or you become an old coot with  
> nothing better to do.
> Tim
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