revolution engine for 2.7 and cgi deployment.

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Sun Mar 5 13:43:41 EST 2006

Hi there folks,

Since I moved on to Rev 2.7, I decided to move my cgi stack to the  
new stack format of 2.7. Before doing that, I tried to install the  
engine on my Apache installation on my MacOS X 10.4. The engine is  
playing dead!!!! A simple console hello world works in 2.6.1 and  
fails on 2.7, it's not like an error is triggered, the engine simply  
exits without any output or caring for the stack. I even tried a  
simple script that would wait for a key press to finish and the 2.7  
engine simply exits!!!!!

Is this the license issue explained in whats_new.txt? How am I  
supposed to deploy CGIs using 2.7? I need a license.rev there, if so,  
how, its a faceless server!! Can someone shed a clue?

thanks in advance


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