Cursor not showing up in standalone

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Sun Mar 5 08:27:14 EST 2006

I've tried photocopying the magGlass cursor (black and white 16x16 pixel) and 
then setting the cursor to the ID of the image, but on my computer (OS X 
Revolution Studio version 2.7) I still only get a white outline, rather than the   
graphic. If you are right, Jacquie, that this may be a bug to be fixed in the 
next update, I'll wait.   In the meantime I'm using a workaround.   I'm 
trying to have the user do a mousedown over a small round graphic that indicates 
the spot to listen to the patient's heart.   Once the mouse is down, I wanted 
the cursor to change to a small stethescope (which looks like the magnifying 
glass) and then hear the heart sound.   Since I can't get the cursor to change to 
the magnifying glass (Perhaps I've misunderstood Chipp) I can at least issue 
the command to set the showname of the graphic to true, the name now being "X" 
(as in "X" marks the spot) letting the user know s/he has correctly clicked 
at the right spot. The "X" appears with mousedown and disappears (showname   
false) on mouseUp. Thanks.
Steve Goldberg

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> Hi Steve,
> I manually copy the cursor to my stacks and assign it an ID I know won't
> conflict.
> Then I do:
> set cursor to the id of img "magGlass"
> hth, chipp
> This sounds like the same bug in the standalone builder that prevented
copying externals to a standalone. It's been fixed for the next update.

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> Stgoldberg at wrote:
> >I hope this is a simple matter and I'm just overlooking the obvious: I'd 
> like
> >the cursor to change to a magnifying glass when the mouse is down, so I've
> >written:
> >
> >on mouseDown
> >set cursor to 378
> >set lockcursor true
> >end mouseDown
> >
> >This works fine before the standalone.   But after the standalone, the 
> cursor
> >does not show up either on the Mac or Windows version (I'm developing on a
> >Mac OS X).   I've also checked off "Select inclusions for the standalone
> >application" and "Cursors"   in the General Standalone Application 
> Settings.   Am I
> >missing something?   Thanks very much.
> >Steve Goldberg

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