The End of Dreamcard?

John Tregea john at
Sat Mar 4 21:48:32 EST 2006

Ahhhhh, those were heady days... I was at that Boston MacWorld (visiting 
on my first trip from Australia). Someone recommended that I go check 
out this new "HyperCard" and I saw Bill Atkinson presenting it. I ended 
up scoring an "ACME Bowling" team jacket (which was the HyperCard 
developer team official apparel. Ended up working at Apple, developing 
HyperCard toolkits, templates etc...

Ya gotta love that I was able to open some of my developer tool stacks 
from that time in Rev and it still all worked.

John T

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Stephen Barncard wrote:
>>  From Wikipedia:
>> HyperCard was created by Bill Atkinson and initially released in 
>> August 1987
> Trivia question:
> Many HC fans know that HyperCard was originally designed without a
> scripting language, which was added later in the development process.
> Which multimedia authoring tool had a scripting language and premiered
> at the Boston expo the year before HC was released?
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