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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Mar 4 20:31:54 EST 2006

Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:
> Hi Jacqueline,
> You wanted my "openStack" script, so here it is.
> But I can't see anything in there that can cause
> a problem. I hope it is easy to read with the folding.
> It works perfectly well when I type "OpenStack" in the
> message box (on my Mac).

I'm not sure why it works on Mac either, actually, but maybe I am 
misinterpreting the script. You have many variables that are not defined:


etc. Do you have fields that are named those things? If so, put them in 
quotation marks, like this:

if exists(field "MyImpExpFileName") then...

If you do not have fields named MyImpExpFileName, etc. then those lines 
of script will never execute. But you say they work on Mac, so maybe you 
do have fields named that way.

This looks wrong to me too:

   put "\Revolution\" into GVStackPath...

Paths in Revolution always use forward slashes, so it should be:

   put "/Revolution/" into GVStackPath

same as on Macs. This might be why the script does not work on Windows.

For a test, try making a simple stack with a simple openStack script. 
Maybe like this:

  on openstack
    put "Openstack sent"
  end openstack

Then run the stack on Windows. You should see "openstack sent" displayed 
in the message box. That means the message was sent properly.

Finally, try putting a breakpoint next to one of the lines in your 
openstack handler. When you open the stack on Windows, you should drop 
into the debugger when it finds that breakpoint. Then you can step 
through each line to see what is going wrong.

If you do not drop into the debugger, then you are right, the openstack 
message is probably not being sent to your stack. That usually means 
another script has blocked it somewhere, maybe in a frontscript.

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