No Openstack ..... !

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at
Sat Mar 4 14:32:59 EST 2006

So use StackRunner (which beats the pants off the Dreamcard player  
anyway) on the PC too. You can bundle it with your stack for others  
to use.


On Mar 4, 2006, at 12:58 PM, Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:

> Hi from Paris,
> I have just run into my first Platform problem, but in fact,
> my problem started on my Mac, and hasn't gone away !.
> I finished developing a stack on my Mac. During development,
> I couldn't get it to run the OpenStack script (why I don't know).
> I found that when using Stack Runner, OpenStack WAS executed,
> so while I was testing on the Mac, each time I loaded, I executed
> the openStack command from the message box, and execution
> was fine (dirty but fine !). I imagined that DreamCard Player on
> the PC would work the same way as Stack Runner on the Mac.
> Unfortunately, when I execute the stack on my PC using the
> DreamCard player, OpenStack is NOT executed, and so my
> stack serves no purpose, because I initialize global variables
> which are essential for execution.
> So, back to the Mac to create a button to execute openStack,
> then back to the PC. When I click on the button on the PC,
> nothing happens, so I am back to square one. What is going
> wrong, or more specifically, what am I doing wrong ?
> -Francis
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