Scrollbar to drag through a movie?

Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Mar 4 11:52:24 EST 2006

Hi Jim,

> Is is possible to drag smoothly through the video frames of a movie  
> using  a scrollbar?

with version 2.6.1 this is only possible when the QT controller is  
(if the controller is not visible) when the movie is already  

This was possible with earlier versions of Rev :-/

But with Rev 2.7 this is possible again :-)

Just set the startvalue of your slider to 0 and the endvalue to the  
duration of the player...

on scrollbardrag tValue
   set the currenttime of player xyz to tValue
end scrollbardrag

C'est ca :-)

> I can drag to a current time and then start from that point, but I  
> would like to see the frames shuttle by as I drag the thumb.

Hope that helps...

> Jim


Klaus Major
klaus at

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