The End of Dreamcard?

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Sat Mar 4 10:08:44 EST 2006

Close. 19 years ago. I remember it came in the box with the new SE20 
for A&M studios. I was attempting to build an app with Z-Basic at the 
time, and not getting anywhere...then discovering this thing...... 
what's this... some kind of add-in hardware card? ha ha

 From Wikipedia:
HyperCard was created by Bill Atkinson and initially released in 
August 1987, with the understanding that Atkinson would give 
HyperCard to Apple only if they promised to release it for free on 
all Macs. Apple timed its release to coincide with the MacWorld 
Conference & Expo in Boston, Massachusetts to guarantee maximum 
publicity. HyperCard was a huge hit almost instantly.

Many people who thought they would never be able to program a 
computer started using HyperCard for all sorts of automation and 
prototyping tasks, a surprise even to its creator.

Apple itself never seemed to understand what HyperCard was. 
Management saw that it was being used by a huge number of people, 
internally and externally, and bug reports and upgrade suggestions 
continued to flow in demonstrating it had a wide variety of users. 
However it was also free, which made it difficult to justify 
dedicating engineering resources to improving it. Unwilling, or 
unable, to see that HyperCard was making the Macintosh platform, as a 
whole, much more interesting to the market, management let it 

>Mikey <mikeythek at> wrote:
>>  hey, Hey, HEY!  It wasn't 20 years ago.
>1986 > 2006

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